Nannup day trips.


Ellis Creek Mill site & the King Jarrah’s.

Located off the Balingup Rd on State Forest gravel roads.
This historic site is of significant regional importance. Ellis Creek was an early settlement working mill that operated between the years 1912 to 1925. Approximately 150 people lived at the Mill site. There was a school, butcher, baker, mill office, general store, billiard room, Boarding house, lending library, tennis courts and a cricket pitch. The mill was closed because the mill operations were relocated to the Nannup Townsite Mill.
Now Ellis Creek is a tranquil spot in the middle of the forest. Remains of the mill ponds, the old mill rail formations and the saw pits are still visible. Survey pegs mark where houses and buildings were located. In spring the jonquils, snowdrops and daffodils provide a link back to the gardens that existed. Ellis Creek is a rambler’s paradise. It is amazing to think so many people lived in such a remote location.
The King Jarrah’s are the 2 largest remaining jarrah trees in the world. They are over 400 years old.
From the corner of Grange Rd and Balingup Rd set the odometer to 0. Drive 21.4 kms along the Balingup Rd and turn right into Ellis Creek road. Watch out for log trucks. Stay on Ellis Creek/Lewana Plantation Rd until you reach the millsite (approximately 15 kms). Due to dieback you cannot drive further into the forest than the millsite.
To walk to the King Jarrah’s, turn right onto Stallard Rd and then 100 metres along turn right into an obscure track. The pine trees will be on your right. Walk for 300 metres, turn left onto another track. A further 200 metres down the track a large tree is across the road. From here walk approximately 1 km until you reach a formed carpark. There is a small track to the right. The first King Jarrah is 55 metres along the track and a second King Jarrah is a further 30 metres along. Take time to stand still and listen to the songs of the bush.