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Originally a road and rail line used to remove logs from the jarrah forest, today the trail is utilised by walkers and mountain bike riders.  Unlike other rail trails it is hilly in sections and becomes narrow in many places, proving challenging, but very scenic. The trail features interpretation on the old timberline heritage, beautiful flora and fauna and spectacular views to the bends in St John Brook from Sleeper Hewer’s Camp.

Beginning at either end, the trail runs from the rail bridge (over the Blackwood River) in Nannup to Cambray Siding – the intersection of the Sidings Rail Trail (combine these two trails for a 37 kilometre ride).

The Old Timberline Trail follows St John Brook Creek and passes many beautiful locations.

The Department of Environment and Conservation’s “Sidings Rail Trail” brochure includes details and a map of both trails and is available to purchase for around $5 from the Department, the Nannup Visitor Information Centre or

In days gone by timber milling was a large part of local industry.  In 1909 a railway line form Busselton to Nannup was opened. This allowed growth of the logging industry in the district. Company railway lines crisscrossed much of the bush to transport prized jarrah timber back to Busselton.

In 2007/2008 The old railway lines were transformed into cycle paths by removing the sleepers.  In some sections the old sleepers have been left in place to show how the track used to look.  In these places the trails have been moved just to one side. Both The Old Timberline & Sidings Rail trails use the Old Nannup Railway Bridge. Riders of all ages take part in the fund of cycling in the bush.?

The 22 km Old Timberline Trail follows follows a disused railway line along St John Brook Creek from Nannup to Cambray Siding. It can be ridden as an alternative to the Munda Biddi, or made into a loop with the Sidings Trail. Enjoy mountain biking in Nannup.

The Nannup to Jarrahwood Sidings Rail Trail has been incorporated into the Munda Biddi trail. It is a 26 km walk (I can’t say I have seen many walkers on it!) and cycle path that links the old railroad bridge in the Nannup to Jarrahwood. When mountain biking in Nannup, you will see more old rail sleepers, rail line, rivets and dog spikes on the Sidings Trail than you will see on the rest of the Munda Biddi! See map 5 on my Munda Biddi notes.

To get the full ride gpx or the ride route summary, select the “Route Sheets” tab above, and click on the download buttons for each.

The trail starts/finishes near the Nannup Amphitheatre and crosses the old rail bridge over the Blackwood River and follows the route of a former government railway to Jarrahwood. The arboretum near the Amphitheater was planted in 1926 and it is amazing to see how the trees have grown in that time. The Nannup visitors centre is located in the old police station on Brockman St (just off the South West Highway) – just around the corner from the Amphitheatre.. The old police station is worth a visit.

Most of the two trails are on old form (railway line) that is ideal for easy riding. The first 7 km or so out of Nannup on the Old Timberline trail is the exception as it is narrow, windy and occasionally a bit rough and will take a bit longer to ride. However after the two pools, the ride to Cambray Siding is far easier and faster. The trails are well marked, but there can be confusion around the two Pools and the Hut on where the trail continues – my notes should help avoid getting lost!

For mountain biking in Nannup, the two trails can be combined to form a 37km loop by starting in Nannup, riding the Old Timberline trail to Cambray Siding then returning on the Sidings Rail Trail to return to Nannup. The Department of Environment and Conservation’s “Sidings Rail Trail” brochure includes details and a map of both trails and is available to purchase for around $5 from the Department or the Nannup Visitor Information Centre.